The Venue Queen is Claire Lee

Why is Venue Queen so good at finding perfect venues?

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The founder of Venue Queen Claire Lee has three decades of experience working in hospitality sales, she loves helping clients get the best out of the venues she works with.

Venue Queen Ltd is a natural extension of the things Claire loved doing in her previous employments.

Now that Venue Queen is independent she can be even more creative and flexible, succeeding in delivering exactly what her clients want, instead of being restricted by the specifications of the venues she was employed by.


Claire started in the hospitality industry 30 years ago, working across many brands, THF, Thistle, Travelodge, Macdonald Hotels, independent country manor house hotels, and Champneys to name but a few.



With amazing experience and a lifetime’s worth of contacts both within the industry and outside. Venue Queen Ltd was founded in 2016, to meet her client’s needs. Finding trusted venues can be a time consuming, never ending task especially if you don’t know where to start.


Claire pulls from her extensive experience and business contacts to ensure each brief is fitted to the best venue to create an awesome event.


Many venues are amazing but are hidden gems, you need to know where to look. Matching the best venue to the client and their needs for each event. Negotiating the best deal for the client, whilst ensuring the venue can deliver each and every time.


"I love doing what I do, I love meeting new clients, building long term positive business relationships with customers and venues.  Seeing small ideas grow and develop into amazing events in awesome venues is what we do."   


Lisa  Borgiel - Consultant


Lisa is a valued member of the Venue Queen Team.


Lisa has now been with us for over a year, working with clients matching their requirements to their perfect venue. Her vast experience within hotels and hospitality gives her a fantastic understanding of venues and how to make the most of your event.


Lisa also looks after some of our clients on the consultancy side of Venue Queen Ltd and she has her own portfolio of clients. to look after on the Venue Finding side too. 


Congratulations Lisa for being with us for 1 year! Looking forward to what 2020 holds for the team!

Claire Boyles - Marketing

marketing consultant for independent venues, claire boyles

Claire Boyles works on the marketing and social media elements of the Venue Queen Ltd, she prides herself in creating effective marketing which communicates the quality and professionalism of the work Venue Queen Ltd carries out for its customers.


Claire has a decade experience working in marketing for independent businesses.  She excels at providing a friendly approachable image in the marketing elements, and says "It's essential in building trust with potential clients, they need to know whether this business is reputable, will they like working with this business, and whether the business is trustworthy".


Dee Fagg-3D-VA

Dee's aim is to help small business to grow by taking what they can’t do, don’t have time to do or just don’t want to do. Helping to identify pinch points and working to save time and take the pressure off.


As a Virtual Assistant, she provides the Venue Queen business support such as dealing with paperwork, invoicing clients and maintaining Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Dee produces standardised branded documents or proof reads our writing and creates detailed spreadsheet reports.


Dee also works for other businesses, visit her website for more information.

Jo Hailey - Striking Places Photography


We work with and recommend Jo Hailey from Striking Places Photography who takes amazing photography and 3D virtual tours of venues and location based businesses.  


Jo's work means that more people discover great venues online, but because of the virtual experiences she creates, those people are twice as likely to turn up to those businesses in real life.

Daisy Lee- Head of Security


Head of Security, Daisy is a cockerchon aka a bundle of loveliness.


But don't be misled into a false sense of security, Daisy has acute senses and won't hesitate to use her ferocious bark if anything untoward is occurring!


Daisy's favourite pastimes include rolling in freshly cut grass, looking cute, enjoying belly rubs and going for walks.