VQ Consultancy


We want to make your phone ring (and emails ping!) with bookings, but there’s no point in doing this, unless your venue is prepared and optimised to take those bookings. Once customers are finding your venue, is your door truly open to them?


VQ Consultancy (VQC) ensures that your venue and your team are ready to deliver the promises you make in your marketing. This is the key to repeat bookings and happy guests.


Independent venues are the ones we are best suited to, this is where VQC delivers maximum value helping your venue get onto centre stage of the events and venues arena. Venues need investment to become profitable, but it’s all too easy to spend too much money on non critical areas, and too little on areas which could generate the best ROI. VQC assists your venue in hitting that magical "break-even" mark quicker than anticipated.


Whether your venue is a boutique spa focusing on leisure, or cutting edge meeting and conference facilities for business events, VQC work with your resources and team. With you, we create profitable business strategies more effectively in a shorter time frame.



Reactive Sales Support


During Covid-19 we have seen the detrimental impact to the hospitality industry.  We want to support venues to ensure their longevity.


We are working with venues to assist with their reactive sales.  Are your phones ringing and emails coming in but your teams are concentrating on looking after the business that is in-house? Looking after your guests here and now is vital, but you do need to look after the future of your business too.


Venues are having success, with VQC looking after their reactive sales.  We man the phones remotely, we deal with your emails under your name (we work on a white label service, no-one knows we aren't even on site). It's a win, win.  We respond in a timely manor to all incoming enquiries giving you the edge over your competitors.


With a background spanning many years across many venues, in reactive and proactive sales, we understand the process required to get the business over the line.  We can take it through to final details and prepare the function sheet ready for the Ops team, or we can just take it to the confirmed booking status, and get the signed contract, then hand over to you for the final details meeting/call.


Your data remains your data, we sign an NDA, and give you a report regularly (as agreed) with the activity being done, hurdles we are experiencing and work with the venue team to ensure the client keeps returning.


This is something that has been born from the difficulties we are seeing with Covid-19. It can be a short term project until life returns to 'normal' or it could be a longer term project, we are open to discussion but want to ensure our industry comes out of this time alive and kicking.


Marketing and Sales


If your venue doesn’t have bookings, you don’t have a business it’s that simple. We love taking new venues to market, and we’ve done it rather successfully over the years.

With our experience in venue management and marketing, we assess and identify what your core niche needs to be to get the desired level of return on your marketing expenditure.

VQC helps you increase your enquiries and sales from month to month and year on year.


Ensuring your venue is found on existing venue finding tools which your customers are already familiar with and are already actively using to find and book venues.


Right now your customers are already using these tools, and finding your competitors. We’ll change that, so more and more customers will find your venue!


The unique marketing strategies we create for your venue will impact all areas of your venue’s business.



Your venue is unique, and so should your marketing be, venues that fail are the ones that follow the same thing that other venues are already doing.


VQC identifies the best marketing and sales strategy, given your specific venues qualities and services.

Positioning Your Facilities:


Your marketing strategies change the way you describe and position your facilities. One key area of customer satisfaction is their experience of your venue matching and exceeding their expectations.


Creating marketing which is attractive yet doesn’t set unachievable expectations is a fine balance; we’re experts at creating this for our venues. 


Marketing must attract customers, but still be able to create a "Wow, this venue is much better than I expected" experience.  This is what inspires people to write testimonials and tell their family, friends and connections about the great venue they stayed in.




Revenue Management:


Strategies and planning:

Filling all your rooms at the best possible rate, monitoring local activities, creating flexible rating strategies, special offers, anticipating peaks and troughs and planning for those, to minimise your venue’s rooms sitting empty and unloved!


Overheads are generally consistent, but bookings aren’t; revenue management is key to managing the fluctuating demands of the business.

VQC helps venues move forward with their sales & marketing -tracking revenue and assessing appropriate marketing avenues, so that potential revenue opportunities are not lost to competitors.




Your Venue Team Working Well:


Your venue’s success depends on its systems, policies and procedures. VQC create the best procedures to deliver the best service to your customers.


They will also be easy to implement, and we provide training to your whole team on the systems and operational procedures, ensuring compliance and consistency.


Why do you have standards? Creating intelligent standards which ensure the highest customer service.  Standards which are rigid might be easier to implement with your team, but can result in variable and undesirable experiences for your guests, and also create unintended consequences on Health and Safety issues.


VQC guides you in setting the right standards, ones which result in a profitable venue.  We ensure your investment will deliver the returns you want.




Getting the right people to work to your standards consistently, to elevate your venue; increasing awareness, and bookings, improving revenues and profits.


Training the right people in the right way is essential to achieve the highest levels of productivity, and customer service. Your team need to be happy as well as productive, this shines through in their interactions with your customers, increasing their satisfaction.


People Management: VQC ensures your venue follows best practice, and is compliant with employment legislation.


This is key not only to minimise risk of litigation, but also ensuring good team morale, reduced turnover of staff and increasing revenue targets.



Health & Safety- Risk Assessment.

beautiful free standing bath, ceramic bath, glamorous bathroom, luxurious bathroom, luxury venue, quality venue, en suite, high quality venues,


Running a venue is full of risk, your customers are members of the general public.  As anyone working in hospitality will tell you, what seems obvious to you won’t be obvious to everyone.  Minimising risks is essential for running a successful profitable venue. 


Having extensive experience of working with venues, Venue Queen helps you avoid the costly mistakes most venues make. 


We’ve seen it before, we assist you in making the right business decisions, the ones which reduce your cost and risk, and maximise income.



Find out how VQ Consultancy can help your venue business grow


If VQC is something you’d like to discuss with us for your venue, simply contact us by email, or phone.


We’re happy to talk you through how we work, and whether VQC and your venue is a good match.


We’re selective in the types of venues we work with, and we don’t hard sell because we don’t need to. Please feel free to book a no obligation VQC conversation with us, at a time and location convenient to you.